Siesta in the hammock

Siesta in the hammock

97 X 130 CM
YEARS 1995

In this room you will see paintings with typical representations in the last years of the artist’s production. These paintings are a typical representation of the true style that flows from his brush. A personal naturalness is clearly noticeable in his images, a way of seeing reality very much in his way and in his feeling, he left the search years ago and you can see his ease, his true personality. It is here where the forms of the women flood the canvases with their voluptuousness and the objects and experiences come to the fore in his production. They were his last years of artistic creation, since at the beginning of the 21st century the Alzheimer’s patient and begins on that tortuous path of memory loss and confusion, decides not to paint again after the year 2000, however he leaves In his collection, more than 500 pieces, including painting, sculpture and engraving, we will be presenting all of them in this museum that pays tribute to his memory and creativity.

Gallery Room 4

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