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From the formal to the abstract

2 decades of journey in Modern Art

Book published in 1982 in the city of Paris with a foreword by the poet and writer Marco Antonio Montes de Oca, winner of the Xavier Villaurrutia prize in 1959, as well as winner of the national prize for science and arts in 1982.
In this book published by the publishing house of the Societe Mondiale d’Impression, with a photograph by Georges Massart and a French translation by Marc Lambron, the image of a large part of the artist’s work between painting and drawing produced between the years of 1960 to 1980 when he already lives in Paris, creating a work full of movement, color and forms that denote a presence within the world of universal modern art history.

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Life and work of an icon of Mexican art in 8 brush strokes

With a presentation text by Claudio Issac, a writer nominated for the Ariel award for the best debut in 2017. Introductory text by the doctor of art Ana Garduño Ortega; national member of researchers level II. Image script by curator Rosaura Dib and editorial design by Luis Almeida, national award for editorial art in 1987 and design award in 2000.
This book published in Mexico City in 2008, shows in an excellent edition with a high quality photographic image the work of Jose Quessada belonging to the last two decades of his artistic production, connected with biographical texts by Miguel Quezada, which They tell part of his life in a colloquial and fun way, his entry into the world of art and his development as a human being and a visual artist. Great post.

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