It was in this period that Jose decides to formally become part of the plastic artists’ community in Mexico. Mexican muralism had achieved international fame through the works of Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco and David Alfaro Siqueiros in the fifties and still had a very big influence on Mexican art at that time. The so called “Big Three” are still the representatives of Mexican plastic art on an international level and the legacy they leave behind is so strong that, during almost a decade, nothing new on the subject of art is defined in the country. In all this time no other artists manage to project Mexico anew as an innovating place in the world of art.

At this time big events are taking place: the cold war, Communism in Russia, the murder of John F. Kennedy and the landing of the man on the moon. It is a controversial and moving decade in which the television and cinema bring closer cultures that used to be remote and only tangible through the written press.

Jose registers at the school of painting and sculpture LA ESMERALDA to study Plastic Arts in the year 1960 and it will take him 10 years to graduate from the institute as his priority at that time was to provide for his family.


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