YEARS 1974

JOSE QUESSADA travels to Europe for the first time in 1957. That trip marks him forever since at that moment he contacts the great museums of Europe, an experience that he will never forget and that will be reflected at the beginning of his production. It is in the 70s when he decides to paint from life, characters from everyday life, just as Toulouse Loutrec or Manet did in Paris at the beginning of the 19th century. The works that were exhibited in museums such as l’orangerie, or the Louvre museum in Paris, galleries that Jose begins to frequent from his constant trips to Europe because of his work related to the great oil boom that arises in the world whole for the prices granted by OPEC. Mexico then experiences one of the greatest economic benefits in recent times, which is why the country is redirected towards modernity and welcoming the new millennium.

Gallery Room 2

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