Soccer Stadium

Soccer Stadium

40 X 60 CM
YEAR 1961

The 1960’s. Mexico was a booming and controversial country that was just begining to enter the international radar.
Those were in contrast, very calm years at “La Esmeralda” art school, which was directed by Antonio Ruiz, also know as “el Corcto” .
During this period, José enjoyed painting outdoors and in open fields, specifically around the area where the famous “Estadio Azteca” was being built. This staduoum, by te way, has already hosted two World Cups!
José would spend entre afternoons in these fields, enjoying the different tones that the sun’s light gave the nature around him.
In his painting “Estadio Azteca”, José expertiley portrais one of many Mexican fields, now lost at the hands of grey conctrete.

Gallery Room 1

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