Art Student

Art Student

80 X 60 CM
YEAR 1961

Portrait painting from live models was one of the basic techniques taught in art schools all over the world, and “La Esmeralda” was no exception. There was, according to Arturo Rodríguez Döring’s book “THE HISTORY OF LA ESMERALDA, THE ART SCHOOL OF POST REVOLUTIONARY MEXICO”, a program designed to learn and understand the human figure at the school. The program was overlooked by world renouned artists, like Diego Rivera, Francisco Zuñiga and the surrealist poet BenjaminPéret, who had recently arrived in Mexico, accompanied by Remedios Varo.
Some of the most outstanding students of the time include, Arturo Estrada, Fanny Rabel and Pedro Coronel. Quessada, even though a little late ont the trend, was nontheless influenced by the techniques. We can clearly see them reflefcted in lots of his work from the 60’s onwards.

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