Afternoon on the beach

Afternoon on the beach

136 X 94 CM
YEARS 1982

The family significance that Jose Quessada lives at this time leads him to capture this theme in many different ways. In this painting “the afternoon on the beach” represents a mother with her son in a calm movement based on brushstrokes and soft colors, all the expression of the sea breeze is appreciated together with the lights that provoke a nostalgia for sunset . For Quessada in these years it is no longer difficult to represent warm and pleasant scenes, as well as scenes where the different tones of his palette give the viewer exactly the idea of what he wants to represent.
It is in these years that Jose, who was already living in Paris, dedicates most of his time to painting, experimenting and exhibiting, giving life to collections that he made expressly for this reason. This painting belongs to the Maternity collection.

Gallery Room 3

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