Julian et Sa Mere

Julian et Sa Mere

YEAR 1990

The figurative art or portrayal has its origins in the Rupestrian art, when the first men on the planet represented animal figures in movement for reasons unknown, a representative practice still in vogue to this day. In the nineties when Quessada decides to develop his proper style, he starts producing portraits, a genre derived from the baroque, with scenes representing women carrying their children, flower vases, fruit etc, any type of scenes representing daily life. In this painting Jose shows us his grandson Julian who is visiting him in Paris with his mother Rosaura. Having concluded his training in the classical painting school “La Esmeralda” his work acquires certain aspects that come to define his style and personality such as his typical stroke and his signature color palette with deep tones which are used to denote the sweetness of the mother’s love for her child in the painting.
This period in the Quessada’s art will turn out to be his last years of production around the year 2000.

Gallery Room 4

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