The impossible dream

The impossible dream

60×73 CM
YEAR 1996

In the nineties Jose Quessada is well established in Paris, the dream of any plastic artist. Jose has already been living for several years in the apartment at 3 sq. de l’Avenue du Bois in the XVI district where he also established his workshop to devote himself to painting.
In those years of big social changes caused by the fall of the Berlin Wall, the disintegration of Yugoslavia due to ethnical, racial and religious motives and the creation of new countries that managed to liberate themselves from the communist yoke, Jose decides to radically change his work and focuses on representing women, couples, fruits and flowers. His pleasant images are in contrast to the changing and controversial times experienced in the world, providing a touch of serenity, hope and ordinariness to life at that time. He thus achieves this concept in which the rigid and stereotypical woman of the fashion world for whom some extra kilos are a sin, acquires voluptuous forms representing the abundance for which society has been waiting after living through the cold war and communism, and who should rise up renewed, full of innovating ideas, to improve herself and the world that surrounds her after crossing into the millennium.

Gallery Room 4

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