Woman in the garden

Woman in the garden

66 X 80 CM
YEARS 1980

By definition it is said that Figurative Abstract painting is: “the representation of a mobile and changing world in a static and unalterable medium to the expression of a three-dimensional world, on a two-dimensional medium, and to the use of the very wide range of colors” . Jose Quessada shows, in this painting, that through experimentation in a search within the different tendencies of art, he manages to define his style in this half of the 80’s as Figurative Abstract. An example of this is this painting, where the lack of coherence within the sizes in the form is observed, that within the transition from the abstract of the 70’s to the attempt of the figurative, it does not matter, but it does matter to give the viewer a sensation of balance and movement based on the deception of optics by means of long and short brushstrokes and a wide variety of tones and colors, achieving a three-dimensional scene within the two-dimensional plane of the canvas, finally defining the figure of a woman. The female figure is of great importance for the painter, represented throughout his career in very different ways, but always giving great emphasis to the exalted admiration he felt for this genre.

Gallery Room 3

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