102 X 71 CM
YEARS 1973

Another important influence to the artist during this decade were images of prehispainc origin. During this time, there were two important happenings that had turned prehispanic imagery into a big trend, not only in Mexico, but arround the world. The rediscovery of the famous Teotihuacan Archeological site, and the opening of the grate Museum of Antropology and History in Mexico City in 1964. Every mexican artist of the time was deeply inspired by this wave of information from their prehispanic roots. Artists like Henry Moore, and of course, Jose Quessada, who began experimenting with diferent prehispanic images, like this tiger in his work “Entrega”, which because to its strength and bravery, was deeply admired and respected in the prehispanic Mixtect culture.

Gallery Room 2

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