Welcome to the ‘Jose Quessada’ virtual museum, where you will learn about the artistic trajectory of one of the most important artists of the modern period in art history.
It will be Quessada himself, who’ll guide you through his collection, which is made up of works of art created during a span of 5 decades.
During your visit, you will have the opportunity to discover the different trends, techniques and artistic knowledge used by Quessada to create his unique and
personal style.

The collection you’re about to discover is one of the most visually striking that exist in Mexico today, and which was created by the hand of just one artist. It is composed of more than 500 pieces, including sculptures, drawings, watercolors and etchings. The collection is owned and managed by the Espacio Cultural de Puebla, A.C.

We hope you enjoy your journey into this period in modern art, and that you learn plenty about its history and all the great contributions made by our guide, the great Jose Quessada. Let’s go!

Curator and Museum Script ROSAURA DIB

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