80 X 60 CM
AÑO 1965
Oil on blanket technique

This is one of the first profesional paitings done by the artist.
In it, we can appreciate the diffrent technices and styles that were beginning to develop in XIX century art schools across Europe. Especifically in France, where modernist tendencies were giving way to more relaexd and creative styles, leavinhg behind the rigorous traces of classical paintings.
This live model painting was created in a studio inside of “La Esmeralda” art school, where Quessada used a pointillism effect, with pure colors, which helped him créate a subjective image that could be judged in diffrent ways, depending on who the espactator was and the distance from where the espectator was looking.
The greatest representative of this technique, also called neo-impressionism, was the french paintor Georges Seurat (France, 1859-1891)

Gallery Room 1

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